The inequality driver in our society barely mentioned. The birth lottery.

How’d you guys do? We all played this lottery even if we didn’t want to. It’s the single biggest determinant of how well you do in our capitalist society. Hard work? Bootstraps? The birth lottery laughs in the face of these absurd concepts. Wealth needs to be taxed. It cannot be that the main driverContinue reading “The inequality driver in our society barely mentioned. The birth lottery.”

Celebrities and Role Models

I’d like to talk a little bit about modern celebrity culture, social media and it’s role in our lives, and some real positive role models. Firstly, I’d like to completely admonish our current obsession with celebrities, and what constitutes a “celebrity” in modern media. It’s no big secret that with the rise of reality television,Continue reading “Celebrities and Role Models”

Wild conjecture and discovery thread

If I have medication off days, I tend to binge eat to generate dopamine. Seems counter productive. I’m not actually hungry, I just need the dopamine. Someone mentioned exercise, it seems like if you have an excess of serotonin compared to dopamine (and Autistic people tend to have hyperserotonemia – a natural excess level ofContinue reading “Wild conjecture and discovery thread”

Pieces of advice to myself/others after diagnosis of ADHD (in retrospect)

You are going to doubt yourself massively before, during, and after getting diagnosed. You most certainly are an ADHD person – this is part of the process. Learn to accept what is there, rather than fighting against it. Get ready to cut toxic people from your life. I spent six years working against my diagnosisContinue reading “Pieces of advice to myself/others after diagnosis of ADHD (in retrospect)”

The effects of parenting and compliance

Of course the concept of fixed personality wont make sense to highly masked people of any type. When you are changing your social appearance to match who they expect, it's hard to identify who you are – also it does change due to plasticity. Very few traits are fixed (if any). People can only changeContinue reading “The effects of parenting and compliance”