ADHD Acceptance Month – Dealing with Boredom

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The F*ck It Method

Few things have made my life easier than this one small technique. It helps me with analysis stagnation, multiple option frustration, prevents me from falling into deep depression that causes anhedonia (an inability to feel joy when doing things I love). It involves these simple steps:

  • Randomly select the first sub five minute task I can think of
  • Say “F*ck it!” really loud while getting up as i’ll usually be sitting or lying down when bored. [This is half directed at the task, and half directed at my falling into a bored state]
  • Do that task

I actually use my negative (or verging on depressive) moods now to do chores I hate – so I have a mental inventory of things that generally only take less than five minutes:

  • Gathering up washing
  • Gathering up random dishes
  • Dusting one room
  • Doing a small amount of dishes (we have no dishwasher)
  • Cleaning a window
  • Cleaning the shower

Boredom seems to be one of the worst parts about ADHD – and I’d rather put times when I am feeling awful to good use – I usually cannot focus on anything too hard to do during these times, so I use it for stuff I dislike – that way when I have executive function I can use it on stuff I actually enjoy doing.

The second I complete this task, I record it and tick it off (I have talked about how I use Moleskine Journey in the past, and that is what I still use as it’s multiplatform) – I do this with everything I do because one of the best ways to combat boredom for me is to remind myself I am doing stuff.

After completing this task and with the reward window of adding to a checklist right there next to the task I completed I tend to have a boost of motivation to actually move onto something else.

My hack for boredom – get angry about being bored and do something I hate.

Daily blog challenge

October is here usually known as ‘ADHD Awareness Month’ – but IMO we ADHDers deserve more than that – we deserve acceptance. We need to be listened to, we need realistic accommodations, and help. We need to start moving toward ADHD Pride Month. People should be able to feel proud of being ADHDers, because the alternative is shame.

For 31 days I will be writing every day on being an ADHDer using this list of prompts:

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