ADHD Acceptance Month – Someday

ADHD Butterfly Source


Someday people will like they are ADHDers, and that will be the default position upon discovery.

Someday that discovery will come with the right support.

Someday teachers will understand that kids don’t want to act out, and that movement isn’t related to being disruptive but instead a way for ADHDers to regulate.

Someday ADHDers will realise that often the skills they need to manage their ADHD they’ve often had all along.

Someday ADHD will be valued in the workplace.


Daily blog challenge

October is here usually known as ‘ADHD Awareness Month’ – but IMO we ADHDers deserve more than that – we deserve acceptance. We need to be listened to, we need realistic accommodations, and help. We need to start moving toward ADHD Pride Month. People should be able to feel proud of being ADHDers, because the alternative is shame.

For 31 days I will be writing every day on being an ADHDer using this list of prompts:

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I am an ADHD/Autism Coach as well as ADHD/Autism/OCD/CPTSD advocate and independent ADHD/Autism researcher. I am an ADHD/Autism Coach who trained through the ADD Coaching Academy. I write mainly about ADHD/Autism/OCD/Mental health issues, but will also discuss morality, abolition, and current affairs occasionally.

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