Autistic Acceptance Month – Acceptance Means…

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Acceptance Means…

We have an April where we celebrate being Autistic, it becomes a month of Autistic Pride.

Watching this 5 minute video – to understand that all Autistic people want to communicate. They often can’t – they need to be respected and believed – appearance and cognitive ability are not the same.

That Autistic people are listened to, that you hear us when we say things are abuse, and you stop trying to make us allistic.

Celebrities and other big names feeling comfortable to identify as Autistic, without any fear of backlash.

Getting rid of Theory of Mind of Autism which was built on faulty premises – and is societally harmful for Autistic people.

Acknowledging that ALL Autistic people have autonomy, they need support though to live.

Letting Autistic people decide their fate.

Listening to our words – not our tone.

Treating us no differently than you would treat other people, while acknowledging we may communicate differently.

That I blog for me each day during this month – that I don’t have to spend a month focusing on how stuff negatively affects us because that’s what the world wants us to focus on.

End of the Series – Recap of April for me

Thank you for reading if you did.

The Good

I missed 2/30 days but made up the blogs. I didn’t think this would happen, but it did.

I also wrote 10 other articles, and an article for The Spinoff.

I completed the first module of my ADHD coaching course.

I gained a whole bunch of new followers – who will be able to share more acceptance of Autistic people.

I got to talk with other Advocates to try and assist with getting a charity to acknowledge the harm they are causing.

The Bad

I don’t know if that last good thing is actually a good thing. I have low trust.

I didn’t sleep eleven nights in April due to cPTSD triggers mainly from ableism.

I had eight meltdowns that were significant enough to cause me harm.

I made a few mistakes generalising and hurt people I didn’t intend to.

I went to hospital for a mild concussion.

I felt bad a lot for being Autistic – when I should just feel proud.

There was a moment once where actual serious suicide ideation came back – the type I thought was gone.

Just had to take so many set backs this month – and one in particular burned me after not sleeping for 30 hours, and was something I was actually looking forward to a lot. I thought I had a chance for real change at altering the path of Autistic research, but it was again – not possible – the rules changed.

Daily blog challenge

I wrote a blog every day on being Autistic for April using this list of prompts:

Alt-Text Format with links to other blogs – Autistic Acceptance Month – 30 Days of Acceptance and appreciation:

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