Autistic Acceptance Month – Symbols!

A dragon in the shape of an infinity symbol that is rainbow coloured like the neurodiversity symbol

The artist for the above image is @Kayas_Kosmos.

Obviously I love the rainbow infinity neurodiversity symbol – the image I have used is going to be my first tattoo.

The gold infinity symbol for Autism

Going Gold For Autism Acceptance | Autistic UK CIC
Gold Infinity Symbol

There are also some other symbols that I use to describe my neurodivergence – the experience of being both an ADHD and Autistic person – also some have personal meaning to me.

From my own heritage:

Yggdrasil – the world tree.


Interconnectivity of the universe

The natural order of things



A pathway to other worlds or the afterlife as the Yggdrasil is believed to connect all the different realms in Norse mythology, including its afterlives such as Valhalla and Hel.

YggDrasil Symbol Meaning

The Web of Wyrd, the matrix of fate:

web of wyrd symbol

Interconnection: The symbol represents the interconnectedness of all things

Destiny and Fate: As the fibers of the thread are woven together, they interconnect and become the thread of our lives.

Completion: The number 9 represents completion, and the Web of Wyrd has 9 lines.

A Network of Time: If you look at the image of the Web of Wyrd it is seen to be made up of all the runes. This reflect the idea of the intricate weaving of time, as past, present and future become interconnected. These stages aren’t separate but part of a whole and anything is possible whether in the past, present or future. We can look back in hindsight and regret the things in the past and have those affect our current lives which will influence our future.

Web of wyrd Symbol Meaning

From other cultures:

Yin and yang symbol

Yin and yang symbol

Yin and Yang is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

Wikipedia – Yin and Yang

My Belief System – Pantheism

Pantheism is the view that everything is part of an all-encompassing, immanent God. All forms of reality may then be considered either modes of that Being, or identical with it.

Free photo: Nautilus - Nature, Seep, Shell - Free Download - Jooinn

My Moral Philosophy – Stoicism

Memento Mori – “Let us prepare our minds as if we’d come to the very end of life. Let us postpone nothing. Let us balance life’s books each day. … The one who puts the finishing touches on their life each day is never short of time.” – Seneca

The acceptance of death as inevitable and to make each day count.

Premeditatio Malorum – “What is quite unlooked for is more crushing in its effect, and unexpectedness adds to the weight of a disaster. This is a reason for ensuring that nothing ever takes us by surprise. We should project our thoughts ahead of us at every turn and have in mind every possible eventuality instead of only the usual course of events…

Rehearse them in your mind: exile, torture, war, shipwreck. All the terms of our human lot should be before our eyes.” – Seneca

To expect bad things always – so that one may not be unprepared.

Amor Fati – “Frightened of change? But what can exist without it? What’s closer to nature’s heart? Can you take a hot bath and leave the firewood as it was? Eat food without transforming it? Can any vital process take place without something being changed?

Can’t you see? It’s just the same with you—and just as vital to nature.” – Marcus Aurelius

The acceptance of ones fate.

The Inner Citadel – “Remember that when it withdraws into itself and finds contentment there, the mind is invulnerable. It does nothing against its will, even if its resistance is irrational. And if its judgment is deliberate and grounded in logic . . . ? The mind without passions is a fortress. No place is more secure. Once we take refuge there we are safe forever. Not to see this is ignorance. To see it and not seek safety means misery.” – Marcus Aurelius

That we can make our mind a fortress – I am still building mine but the walls are forming.

The Cardinal Virtues – Summum Bonum (To Achieve the Highest Possible Life):

Wisdom – This could perhaps be best summed up as the ability to see things as they are, rather than looking for what we want them to be.

Justice – This virtue specifically deals with how a Stoic treats others in everyday life, and how we contribute to society as a whole. It encompasses all the moral decisions we make in regards to our networks of influence and communities.

The principles that Stoics regard to be important in these contexts are kindness, understanding, fairness, and generosity. We must provide support to those who need it, and not take from the community without giving back.

Courage – Courage was viewed as opposing cowardice – it doesn’t mean that you are immune to fear, anxiety, or desire, but rather that you act in spite of these things.

Temperance – The best way to think of Temperance is to think of the modern day usage in the word moderation. It deals with our ability to self-regulate, and to choose long term over short term satisfaction.

The Stoics believed that no one could ever truly encompass all of these things, but that we should never stop trying to become the wise sage. This is how I life my life.

Daily blog challenge

I will be writing every day on being Autistic for April using this list of prompts:

Alt-Text Format with links to other blogs – Autistic Acceptance Month – 30 Days of Acceptance and appreciation:

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