Autistic Acceptance Month – Accommodations

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Yesterday/Early this morning…

I gave myself a mild concussion yesterday.

Unfortunately I got prodded with a few too many forks doing Autistic research. Which is all terrible still – 95% of it is the most stigmatising and harmful science – based on handful of disproven theories.

There was one particular paper on Adverse Childhood Events which wasn’t ableist or horrible, but unfortunately contained a checklist of memory priming for cPTSD triggers. I read this late at night – around 9pm.

I don’t check my phone often – I checked it to see that WINZ (NZ Social Security provider) had sent a message at 8:30am informing me that I had to be at a seminar on “How To Get A Job” (despite being on a medically exempt benefit for seeking work – and the fact I’ve worked for 18 years – they want me to attend a group session which I’ve been to twice already in my life) at 10:30am that day – I live 40 minutes from the location it is driving. I didn’t have access to a car because my wife was out at that point anyway. I have to fight against this on Monday as they will try and sanction my benefit for not attending.

This unfortunately triggered PTSD – and intense emotional overwhelm of the “burden” narrative that destroys me constantly. I was already weak from research and it was the final thing to break me at the end of an already long day.

As a result I meltdown, and ended up hitting my head pretty hard on a wall and gave myself concussion. I don’t know why I do this, but at the point where everything feels like utter pain – it seems to relieve it. It’s not healthy and I usually try and write through it – it sometimes doesn’t work.

As a result of always downplaying injury I decided not to mess around – as I had some of the symptoms of a serious concussion that say you should get checked – so I went to hospital – nothing this time luckily, just ‘mild’ concussion.

This meant I got home at 5am. I’ve had no sleep and I am not allowed to have sleeping pills until midnight tonight – I haven’t been able to sleep unmedicated most nights since June last year when I started burning out. I’ve been trying to ween off sleeping pills but if I trigger PTSD they don’t even work.

Hospitals suck for Autistic people – bright lights, lots of noise, tons of sensory overwhelm, lots of forced social contact – luckily my wife was with me so she could do most of the talking – hospitals should have special rooms that are far more respectful of Autistic people’s needs – with low sensory overload. My Doctor at least was respectful – and I had headphones to drown out the sound.

Anyway… I am not going to actually do an Accommodations blog today – but thought I would give background as to why – I am confused still – I am without sleep.


I did write an article for The Spinoff in New Zealand that does talk about some things to make some of our lives easier – you can read that here:

Ten things everyone can do to make Autistic people’s lives better

Daily blog challenge

I will be writing every day on being Autistic for April using this list of prompts:

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