Autistic Acceptance Month – Everyone should know…

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Today’s theme was everyone should know – and white supremacy is something all people should know about – Black people already know this because Black people deal with it everyday without choice. No matter their age – it’s never too young to talk about this to your children if you are white. The earlier the better.

There’s already an underlying whiteness problem in the fact that this topic was chosen when the theme was Everyone should know. There was no prompt on this and there should have been. Maybe political issue… but it’s not just politics. It’s everything.

Black Autistic experience is a crisis issue

@iwritecoolstuff has covered this and more on their blog – they are one of my biggest educators – we need to listen. You should follow them as the bare minimum to start – and read their blog on Blackness X Autistic.

This is a message for white people who do not fight to become Anti-Racist – we need to fight to change the system.

White people talk about race issues to try and communicate but there are far better lived experience voices we should listen to who are not white – and not just voices that make us feel comfortable. We need to engage with this everyday, because Black people have no choice.

While not the same as the US – we have the exact same problems here with our Indigenous Māori and other Pasifika people who deal with all these issues in exactly the same way, and Black people in New Zealand face these exact same issues too. White supremacy surrounds us, and none of us are immune from it.

We need to challenge our views here – we will never experience systemic racism, or racism of any form – because it’s about power differentials. It’s impossible to truly empathize with something we have no understanding of – but we can listen to Black voices and work on abolishing the structures that cause harm and uphold white supremacy everyday.

The police, prisons, mental institutions, seclusions in education systems, the justice system in all parts, and society in general – these all cause harm, and there’s more that is not comprehensively covered. These things are used as tools of social control against minority groups in society.

Psychiatry and psychology are used as tools of social control – the diagnostic criteria are weapons of white supremacy – as addressed in the blog mentioned above (have you read it yet?).

We need to give money to Black people and organizations where we can, and pass up roles for speaking where others might be more appropriate – the #mutualaid hashtag on Twitter has many opportunities to do this. We have to start making meaningful change on these issues – it won’t happen without us – we need to centre their voices.

We need to not react to being called a racist when we have been – we are tainted by white supremacy – it’s a product of our environment and we can’t just “not see race”, we must see race. We need to be accountable. We need to be accountable when we do this wrong also.

Black Autistics are being incarcerated, institutionalised, or killed by police.

That’s just touching the surface – all Autistic people must mask – but Black or minority ethnic Autistics have to deal with having to perform a white standard of what a person should be – their culture and identity is denied. The Black Autistic experience is denied and almost everything in Autistic research is still overwhelmingly white, and exclusionary by design. Even online spaces some of us enjoy are not safe, or our experiences of being Autistic universal.

If Black people slip or meltdown in public – that can be life threatening. So the pressure is so much more intense. The mask never can come off in public… not even once without severe risk. Letting it slip slightly even in school can lead to a lifetime of systemic abuse.

There are some great books you can buy to educate yourselves – buy these from Black owned bookstores as the first step – a list is here for those in the US, but find local ones where possible and give them our money – support Black businesses.

Some great books that have been suggested by @iwritecoolstuff to get some understanding of what it means to be Black and also deal with intersectional issues are:

‘The Bluest Eye’ – by Toni Morrison
‘Going To Meet the Man’ by James T. Baldwin

There are also some great books on Intersectional feminism and Anti-Racism:

‘Hood Feminism’ by Mikki Kendall
‘How to Be Anti-Racist’ by Ibram X. Kendi

There is also a suggested Anti-Racism reading list by Ibram X. Kendi with further reading here.

Please engage – centre Black voices. Listen. Fund. Abolish. Campaign. Support – don’t try and lead.

If you got to the end of this blog without reading the blog suggested. Ask yourself why that might be.

Daily blog challenge

I will be writing every day on being Autistic for April using this list of prompts:

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