Autistic Acceptance Month – Reactions to “coming out”

A dragon in the shape of an infinity symbol that is rainbow coloured like the neurodiversity symbol

The artist for this is @Kayas_Kosmos!


Online – Twitter

At this stage I had been well versed in what to expect from the Autistic community online. Most people were incredibly supportive and welcoming. Especially the advocates I had learned from prior to engaging. I felt like I fit in somewhere again, I fit in with the ADHD community but being Autistic gives me challenges that it seems like not a lot of ADHD people have to face. Due to the way the Autistic brain works there’s a number of unique ways that we process information, and this is different to just being an ADHD person.

I did get a small minority of the Autistic community and parents of Autistic children claiming I wasn’t Autistic, but I understand that these people just want to hate their children it seems or have spent so long believing that their way is the correct parenting method that they don’t want to change. The idea they are destroying their children is hard for them to deal with, so they keep doing it.

The others were people who assume that my life has been easy because I am ‘high-functioning’ (a label I don’t think should exist). I have cPTSD from my life. If this sounds easy (which is like a 10th of what I can remember that’s actually just related to specific gaslighting)… ok?

Online – Facebook

*crickets* – I am pretty sure that the algorithm deprioritised me. There were about three interactions – but when I post a profile photo I get like 80. Either people don’t like hearing the truth, the algorithm deprioritized me, or they don’t care – I don’t really care about people on Facebook caring either though.

Neurodivergent real life friends

“Oh cool – I am glad you know you!”

Honestly neurodivergent friends are the best. They just love me, there’s no questioning any of this stuff. They ask questions about stuff they don’t know and I inform them stuff. They know what it’s like to be gaslight – so they try never to do it.

Neurotypical real life friends

[ FILE NOT FOUND ] /half-joking

A few have been great – I haven’t actually talked to that many. Most just kinda ignore me now anyway. Ever since I started getting vocal about stuff in my life.


This is a little more complicated. Not many people understand what being Autistic means, or how important it is for me personally to identify as Autistic. When I told my family the most common reaction was:

“So?” or “Yeah, you had hinted at that”

Cool. If you knew how much this had defined my life, and caused me grief due to not knowing and not being educated CORRECTLY by Autistic people and not SCIENCE which is all wrong. I might have had a pretty decent but still difficult life – it’s important to me that you know how this has ended up shaping everything about me.

I saw this put perfectly in a Tweet:

If you’d understand I lost every argument or not been believed when I said I was struggling where I was telling the truth because I can’t lie well for two reasons – one I don’t like doing it because of my moral scrupulosity OCD (and being Autistic – with a strong moral code that doesn’t allow me to hurt others knowingly), and two that I was always thought of as a liar due to being Autistic in my adult life up until the age of 34… you’d realise why it was important for me you knew. This is just one thing that has caused me grief.

It’s also the thing I love about myself the most.



Official services that can help me


Daily blog challenge

I will be writing every day on being Autistic for April using this list of prompts:

Alt-Text Format with links to other blogs – Autistic Acceptance Month – 30 Days of Acceptance and appreciation:

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