Acknowledging the hurt of late diagnosis

One of the hardest parts of late identification of ADHD and/or Autism is realising how many people in your life chose to hurt you over trying to understand you. 💔😥

No matter how defiant you were, you didn’t deserve to be treated as anything other than a growing person who still had things to learn. There’s nothing that should be offered to children except unconditional positive regard and autonomy. Parents should have owned their mistakes.

A developmental delay means you are generally spikey in skill sets and abilities, this meant that school hated you for being inconsistent, so you internalised that as your fault, not the system built for someone else.

Everything I’ve read shows the problem is a lack of understanding of these differences causes the negative aspects, if reasonable accommodations were made in all parts of life, we’d thrive. No matter how impacted we are.

And thriving doesn’t mean productive, thriving means we would enjoy life – we’d value our own existence innately.

People contribute more than labour to society. We do more than appease capital. We are not burdens, the society built burdens us all. People are afraid of ageing due to the looming disconnection. The worst possible system.

It’s a lot easier living in this world when you find out everyone is terrified of something even if they don’t realise it. We should change the system so we don’t have to be terrified. Capitalism operates on fear.

Originally tweeted by Rory – ADHD Autistic OCD (@roryreckons) on November 1, 2021.

Published by roryreckons

I am an ADHD/Autism Coach as well as ADHD/Autism/OCD/CPTSD advocate and independent ADHD/Autism researcher. I am an ADHD/Autism Coach who trained through the ADD Coaching Academy. I write mainly about ADHD/Autism/OCD/Mental health issues, but will also discuss morality, abolition, and current affairs occasionally.

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